• Vineyard Area: 1 acre
  • Soil Type: Keefers dark gravely-sandy clay loam of alluvial origin
  • Varieties Cultivated: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Annual Production: 3,000 bottles
  • Country: USA
  • Winemaker: Chris Phelp
  • Topography: Southeast facing slope, 5% - 7%


A wonderful confluence of people, events and circumstances created AD VIVUM. Chris Phelps, a renowned Napa Valley winemaker, is a man who knows great fruit when he tastes it, and he has an intimate understanding of how to coax superb wine from great grapes. Chris and Larry Bettinelli, a fifth generation farmer and a scrupulous vineyardist have worked together for many years, discussing trellising, sun exposure and ripeness levels for Cabernet and Merlot grapes from Larry’s various properties. Chris made experimental wines to test their theories.
In 2005 Chris walked through the sloping benchland at the Bettinelli Family Sleeping Lady Vineyard in Yountville. More experiments followed, and more small lots of wine were made. As Chris began working with Sleeping Lady Cabernet, he knew he had found something truly significant. Sleeping Lady, which sits just south of Dominus, was turning out to be more than just a very good site. The site rivals the best vineyard ground that exists in Napa Valley, and it consistently produces grapes with a unique purity and intensity of aroma, as well as a beautifully distinctive flavor.