• Vineyard Area: 70 ha
  • Soil Type: Calcareus clay, chalk,river stone
  • Varieties Cultivated: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Albillo
  • Annual Production: 250,000 bottles
  • Country: Spain
  • Winemaker: Belen Sanz Cid
  • Topography: South orientation, some slopes, 900 mt. ASL


It is now 28 years since 1989, when Luis Sanz Busto made the decision to put the very first Dehesa de los Canónigos wine on the market. The estate was home to a farm, originally owned by an order of monks (the Canons and that is the origin of the name of the property and our wines) but, thanks to diverse awards and positive consumer reviews, it is now best known as producer of some of the finest wines available in the Ribera del Duero D.O. The estate belonged to the Lecanda family in the 19th Century, together with Vega Sicilia-and here stood the first vineyard in Spain to be replanted with vines brought from Napa Valley in California, after the devastation caused by phylorexia.
In 1931 ownership passed over to Idelfonso Cid and Vicenta Sanchez, the grandparents of Maria Luz Cid, who is the current owner and founder of the winery, together with her husband, Luis Sanz. Today, two of their children, Belen and Ivan Sanz Cid, have taken on the responsibility of carrying on the family tradition. Ivan is the winery’s Managing Director and Belen, one of Spain’s few female enologists, irrefutable proof of how she has inherited her father’s passion for wine and of the effort she has put into her career. Dehesa de los Canónigos stands out for the exquisite care in ensuring the quality and reputation of their wines. The quality of the wine is the result of carefully selected, hand-picked fruit, followed by a meticulous inspection process where only the roundest, perfectly ripe grapes are selected.