• Vineyard Area: 30 ha.
  • Soil Type: Clay and Oxfordian marl soil
  • Varieties Cultivated: Cider apples: bittersweet, sweet, bitter & acidic
  • Annual Production: 60,000 bottles
  • Country: France
  • Winemaker: Étienne Dupont
  • Topography: Pays d'Auge Valley


Normandy’s AOC Pays d’Auge is the heart of Calvados country. That Calvados bears this AOC is due to the efforts of advocate and pioneer Étienne Dupont, whose family has been in Normandy since 1703. Sharecropper Jules Dupont settled what was once known as La Viganerrie in 1887. Raising cattle, planting orchards, and crafting cider and calvados brought him such success that he was able to buy the farm by 1916. Domaine Dupont was born.
Since then, the domaine has been handed down through three generations. Cattle ranching has endured, allowing the Duponts to craft Pont L’Évêque cheese from their own cows’ milk. Étienne took over the direction of the family estate in 1980. Eager to raise the standards, he increased the family holdings by 10 hectares and put more of his attention to the orchards, cider and calvados production. Since 2002, he works alongside his children, Jérôme and Anne-Pamy, farming 30 hectares of orchards and grazing land to produce one of the greatest artisanal spirits in the world.