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    François Grenier
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  • region

    Nothern Rhône


  • Vineyard Area: 20 ha
  • Soil Type: Granite
  • Varieties Cultivated: Marsanne, Roussanne, Syrah, Viognier
  • Country: France
  • Winemaker: François Grenier
  • Topography: Steep Slopes


Robert Kacher Selections is thrilled to present François Grenier for the rst time in the U.S. market. This talented young grower participated in a cooperative for a number of years but ultimately decided that the quality of his fruit warranted its own platform, so in 2014 he bottled his own wines for the rst time.
Grenier works 20 hectares of vines, the bulk of which are in Saint Désirat, Saint Etienne de Valoux, and his home village of Champagne. When he decided to leave the cooperative he purchased an old mechanic’s garage, which he has converted into an immaculate winery and furnished with 400-liter barrels and truncated-cone cement vats. The stunning results have revealed a hidden gem that will undoubtedly become a new star of the Northern Rhône.