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    J.P. Trodden Distilling, LLC
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  • Varieties Cultivated: 70% Corn 30% Winter Wheat
  • Annual Production: 7,200 bottles
  • Country: United States
  • Winemaker: Woodinville, WA


Mark Nesheim founded J.P. Trodden Distilling to honor his grandfather, J.P., and the spirit of passion, ambition, and generosity from which he created a better world around him. Like his grandfather, Mark didn’t believe in living a life that was less than what he was capable of.The inspiration for J.P. Trodden.
Distilling came in 2009 from his own question of passion, ambition, and generosity. What could be created that could be shared. That would build on a successful career as a chef and restaurant executive. That could be done in his own unique style, taking no shortcuts, and never owing anything to anyone, no matter what. The answer was bourbon, and four years later, he offered his fi rst small batch bourbon to the rest of the world. It’s been more than well received.
It’s exceptional. It’s full of passion. It’s meant to share with folks like you, our friends. Life’s better now, and we like to think that J.P.’s spirit of generosity has something to do with that. It’s a spirit that brings people together, that honors their roots, and welcomes bigger dreams. That spirit became our spirit, J.P. Trodden Small Batch Bourbon, honoring its namesake and the only spirit enjoyed in Cabin Number 5, which we still own today.