• Country: Japan
  • Winemaker: Yoshiharu Takeuchi


With the concept, “Sincerely Made, Rum from Japan” the brand launched in 2013. Using only the finest ingredients, including super soft water refined by the Otowa Mountains in Shiga Prefecture and brown sugar (muscovado) from Okinawa, Honshu’s first domestically produced rum brand was born. The use of handmade copper pot-stills imported from Scot-land’s well-known Forsyth Inc., for the initial distillation of NINE LEAVES rum, created a delicate and sweet flavor with depth and layers.
As part of a family that had been in the automotive industry for four generations, Yoshiha-ru decided to enter into a completely different industry with a yearning to create a finished product that embodies his creativity and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship that runs throughout the family.
The first product “NINE LEAVES CLEAR” (launched in June 2013) is a strong and vibrant white rum. The scent closely resembles that of daiginjyo sake and the rum conveys a sense of Japanese elements, which makes it relatable and has earned it a high reputation at bars and hotels nationwide.