• Country: Italy
  • Winemaker: Alberto Paltrinieri


A third generation wine grower, a life dedicated to Lambrusco: Alberto Paltrinieri , called “Paltro” by his friends, is from the Sorbara area of Lambrusco. His passion for the area and the indigenous varieties makes him explore the potentials of Lambrusco beyond the know qualities and standards”
Today, Alberto and his wife Barbara , grow and vinify the grapes grown on the 15 hectares of vineyards situated near the town of Sorbara, in an area long-known as Il Cristo. This area consists of a swath of land extending between the Rivers Secchia and Panaro, which embrace the province of Modena. With the precious help of consulting wine makers Attilio Pagli and Leonardo Conti they strive to make the best Lambrusco from the crops each vintage grants them.
Paltrinieri puts all focus on the indgenous varietis Lambruscodi Sorbara and some Lambrusco Salamino for the reds, and Trebbiano for the white. The vineyards are managed in the cordon system and between the two rivers the the alluvial soils are loose, with chalk, sand and mineral deposits.
In the cellar you will come upon the balanced contrast between old tradition and modern production techniques. The fundamental operations of Sorbara’s wine tradition are here meticulously performed with all respect of the laws for environmental conservation and for the consumer’s health warranty.
Today, Paltrinieri’s wines, along with those made by other outstanding producers, represent the avant-garde of Lambrusco. These “Lambrusco-Renaissance” wines are enjoyed world-wide and have not only impressed traditional consumers but have caught the attention of wine enthusiasts, industry critics and gourmets.