• Soil Type: Terra Rossa, rich with minerals
  • Varieties Cultivated: Primitivo
  • Annual Production: 12,000 bottles
  • Country: Italy
  • Winemaker: Mario Ercolino
  • Topography: hillside


The Soleto Map of Puglia, considered to be the earliest map in Western Civilization, was drawn by ancient Greeks who crossed the Adriatic and planted some of Italy’s first vineyards with Primitivo on the region’s sundrenched shores around 500 BC. Primitivo, named for its propensity to ripen before all other varietals, thrives today in its Italian home. The pretty, brambly terrain of Puglia, dotted at once with Baroque churches and wild growing prickly pear on the side of the road, is one of the most lovely and least discovered parts of Italy-from its lovely beaches to its solid wines.
Soleto Primitivo embodies the epitome of quality Primitivo resulting from low yield vineyards and careful vinfication. are common. It honors this ancient viticultural tradition with a contemporary interpretation of the local Primitivo variety that offers ripe fruit, sweet spices, and a long, soft finish.