• Varieties Cultivated: Malted Barley and Aged Grain Spirits
  • Annual Production: 75,000 bottles
  • Country: Scotland
  • Winemaker: Hunter Laing and Co LTD


Translated from Gaelic as “the water of life,” Usquaebach – pronounced “oos-ke-bah” – is a historic brand that brings to life the ancient traditions and historic craft of the Scottish Highlands. It is from this historic name that we derive the very word, “whisky,” and Usquaebach Scotch Whisky is proud to wear this badge of honor. With a blend dating back to the 1700’s and the name trademarked since 1877, this brand’s iconic whiskies have spoken to the senses, resurrecting the same fiery spirit that was born in the rolling hills of Scotland long before Scotch was a drink for those with discerning tastes.
Creating blends focused on purity, elegance, and refinement, Usquaebach’s master blenders search for the very best malts and grains from Scotland’s most reputable distillers to bring history to life in the bottle and your glass. Heritage, history, and tradition – these are the qualities that have helped earn Usquaebach the title of “King of the Blended Whiskies.”