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  • Product: Veliko Bianco
  • Formats available: 750 ml
  • Appellation: Brda/Collio
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Raw materials: ribolla 70% , pinot grgio 20%, sauvignon 10%
  • SoilType: Collio Flysch soil with marn and sand layers
  • Exposition: South West
  • Harvest Date: end of september
  • Average Yield: 38 hectoliters
  • Region: Brda
  • Vineyard Site: 2 hectares
  • Average Of Vineyards: 41 years
  • Elevation: 320 meters
  • Fermentation Method: in vats
  • Duration And Aging Method: 3.5 years in french oak barriques
  • Alcohol Content: 220l. 12 m
  • Acidity: 13.00%
  • Residual Sugar: 4.9
  • Production: 11000 bottles
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The color is quite intense reminiscent of old gold. The nose is so complex, varied and beautifully fresh, full of life that one might an impression that the wine is actually much younger. On the palate we find fine layers of butter, honey, wild flowers, blackcurrant and orange peel all complemented with gentle caramel and butterscotch notes. Very, dry medium bodied on the palate, with vibrant acidities and touch of tannins. Veliko belo has always been our playground to experiment and push limits further and further. It is ready to be enjoyed now, but will last for a decade, maybe even two. Another quintessential Movia wine.
The wine’s complexity means it pairs well with a wide selection of foods, though this wine definitely is sensitive as to its company. Drink it at the right time; even without food, this wine will be enough, suitably strong and aromatic.